VTR-10 Trail & Road Pedal - Outdoors  

COMING SOON!  Attention all Mountain Biker's and Road Biker's, we are in development of an outdoor version of our True Release Technology pedals. Soon you will not have to choose between flat platform pedals and expensive clipless pedals that require matching riding shoes, and also require a special twisting motion to get your foot out of the pedals. Everyone has had the experience of falling because they couldn't get their foot out in time! With the VTR-10 you wear any shoes, boots or sandals you want. Your feet will be held firmly in place with no manual intervention, and when you need to get out of your pedals you simply step to the side or out the back as you would naturally - as if stepping off of an old fashioned flat platform pedal

VPS-10 Platform Series for Row Machines

COMING SOON!  You know the hassle of messing with strapping your feet onto a row machine for a good row workout.  Often the straps are broken or missing, and they are always difficult bend over and adjust to your foot size.  The soon to be released VPS-10 Platform Series True Release technology for Row Machines will completely eliminate the hassles and allow you to simply walk up to your row machine, sit down, and slip your feet into our device and begin rowing.  The unit will automatically adjust to your foot size and hold your feet firmly in place while you row.  When you are done you simply step to the side or pull your foot back - no manual intervention required!  

Levitate Hitch Mount Bike Rack

For use with cars, trucks, and vans the Levitate is one of the lightest bike racks in the world.
A new and improved version is planned for release soon

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  VFS-10 Fitness Series Pedal - Indoors

For use on stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, and spinners, -
all indoor applications that need pedals.  Planned for release soon

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