Greg Davis | CEO

Co-Inventor of True Release VFS-10 pedal and active mountain biker and health club member. Greg has Executive leadership experience in multiple industries including manufacturing, eCommerce, and non-profit.

Bob Glaspie | Sr. Engineer

Co-Inventor of the VFS-10 Fitness Pedal, and the brains behind making the pedal a truly unique product unlike anything before it.  Bob draws on experience as a Sr. Staff Engineer at companies like Tesla, Virgin Galactic Spaceship Co, Next Autoworks Co. and CVI, LLP. Multi sport athlete.

Sean Davis| VP of Finance

Highly skilled financial analyst with roots in all aspects of business operations. He is also Director, FP&A at Rapid AI, a innovative Med-Tech company, as well as a Financial Analyst for Fox River Partners.  He competes in both Road and MTB racing events and more often than not takes home gold.

Lenny Bonsall | CMO

Deep experience in all facets of marketing and communications with such organizations as Juniper Networks, Peribit Networks, and Candera.  Lenny is an avid mountain biker.