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The world's only self-adjusting pedal made for all exercise, road, and trail bikes.
Wear any shoe - no more straps, no more baskets, no more riding shoes!




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                                                                                               TRAIL & ROAD PEDAL



True Release Technology™

How it works



It all starts with the platform trigger. When you step on the pedal, the platform trigger  automatically lowers the padded cuff over the top of your foot.

Foot Security

With the platform trigger engaged, your foot is held securely in place without locking you to the bike. The cuffs provide a comfortable ride while adjusting to your specific foot size and shape.



Whether you spin seated or standing, high cadence or low cadence, the VFS-10 prevents pedal slip. Equipped with our  patented  True Release Technology you no longer have to choose between power efficiency safety. 

Pedaling Efficiency

The VFS-10's design lets you push and pull with each stroke, maximizing your power transfer, eliminating any dead spots in your stroke, and delivering a smoother pedaling motion - all without the need for cycling shoes or straps.


True Release™ Dismount

Built with True Release Technology™, the VFS-10 is the only pedal that allows you to easily remove your foot in any direction and with any motion.  When you move your foot off the pedal, internal torsion springs sense the change in pressure and automatically release the platform trigger, snapping the responsive cuffs into the open position. The result: a safe and convenient dismount.



The Best Spin Pedals!  Whether you are a hard core cyclist, tracking stats on your workouts, or if you just use the bike to warm up for another activity, Vectus True Release pedals are far and away the favorite choice among people who have used them.


Always Reliable. Always Secure.

The VTR-10 Trail & Road Pedal, for outdoor use, is under development and our hope is to make it available soon.