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Levitate Hitch Bike Rack

Levitate hitch bike rack
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VFS-10 Fitness Pedal

VFS-10 Fitness Pedal
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VFS-10 | Highlights

The VFS-10 Fitness Pedal system is the world's first pedal to leverage Vectus Sport's patented True Release Technology ™ to improve the rider experience. With a self-adjusting fit, comfortable padding and an instant lock & release mechanism, the VFS-10 completely removes the need for baskets & straps, while providing a safe and efficient pedal stroke. The VFS-10 serves as the perfect set of exercise bike pedals for any home or commercial gym. 

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  My favorite part was that I didn’t have to strap myself in. It’s just awesome to show up and have the bike ready to go.

-Jen C.  

True Release Rider

Step and Spin
The only self-adjusting pedal designed to improve your cardio workout 

No Straps Necessary

No speciality spin shoes required

Secures foot in place

Helps create a smooth pedal stroke

Compatible with any type of shoe

Compatible with any stationary bike