Simple By Design.


The lightest way to your favorite riding destination.

Weighing just 13Ibs

You'll feel the difference.

Our simple aluminum design allows you to mount, load, dismount and store your rack in seconds. Spending more time on the bike and less time dealing with the hassle of getting there.  

light weight bike rack 

3-step loading process

Load. Tighten. Strap.

The Levitate was designed to remove the barriers that keep riders from getting out the door. Our 3 step loading process means all you have to do before hitting the road is load the bike into the crank-arm slots, tighten the knobs to firmly set the crank in place and secure the front tire strap. 

Protect your bike. Protect your car

Eliminate transportation wear.

If you are tired of leaving a thick stain of mud and grease on your fine leather seats, a hitch mount bike rack is the perfect solution. But what about transportation wear?

The Levitate's unique design creates two points of contact with your bike, the front tire and the crank arm. The padded crank-arm slots securely hold the bike in place, so even if you are running a carbon group set, you won't have to worry about transportation wear.



Designed for compatibility 

With all major bike brands and hitch sizes.

Compatible with 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers, as well as accommodating all major bike brands, the Levitate's fully aluminum compact design was built with versatility in mind. With a rack width of just 61.5", the Levitate also allows for a convenient and quiet driving experience.

Levitate bike rack top view



Dove Tail Hitch

/Dove. Tail. Hitch/

Mount in seconds. Forget about bike sway. 

When it comes to streamlining the loading process, few designs are as strong and efficient as our dovetail hitch. The dovetail design translates to unmatched installation speed, a secure hitch connection and a unique solution to eliminate bike sway. 

Meant to remain in your car, our hitch offers a smoother drive and adds to the many ways we've minimize the risk of transportation wear and tear. Combined with the option to pad-lock the rack to your car's hitch, you no longer have to sacrifice security for convenience.


Specs & Details

Platform style

Hitch Rack

Rack weight

13.0 Pounds

Rack length & height

Length: 21.5" / Height: 21.5"

Rack width


Wheel Base

Holds up to 48" wheel base

Hitch receiver compatibility

2" and 1.25"               

Crank arm compatibility


Tire Tray Compatibility

Holds up to 2.5" tire width               

Bike capacity

Holds 2 bikes

Bike frame compatibility

Will fit all major bike frame brands 

Wherever you ride

Trail or  Road

Have the confidence to tackle any route, feel the freedom to share any experience and never have to worry about how you'll get your bike there. 

Levitate hitch bike rack - buy now

Levitate Hitch Bike Rack

Our aluminum hitch rack is one of the lightest platform bike rack solutions on the market today. Designed to be just 13 pounds, this easy to install bike rack will have you and your bike on the road in seconds.  

Fast installation


DoveTail hitch 

2 bike carrier

Versatile design

Durable components

 $395.00                                                     Coming Soon